My client is dying

My client is dying and I can’t help her. I have worked for her for 3 years. I have gotten to know her family and friends. Today I was told that the cancer is terminal. I massaged her and all I could feel was thin skin. The muscle was gone. My heart sank. I don’t know how long she has. But she doesn’t have long.

Sleeping with the Enemy

I have watched y friends over many years. Sometimes I may comment but many times I allow people to do what they choose.

Friend #1 Rashidah

All her life her brother was like her father. He watched her back when they were at school. He made sure that when his friends tried to fort with her, he checked them quickly. At 28, she married. Unfortunately for her, her husband would not do anything for her. Their wedding night was her first time being with man. When they said their “I do’s,” that was her first ever kiss.

He got a job working for the bus company and she decided to be a house wife. She made their apartment a home the best she could. She became pregnant and he wasn’t happy. He hung the phone up when she told him and she stayed at my house for the weekend.

When the baby came, he advised her to have a c-section because he was tired of her cries and it was taking too long. At home , he left her and he couldn’t take her from point a to point b. A year later he told her of his infidelity.

Does love at first site really exist?

I am a firm believer in love but not love at first site. A few years ago I decided to give this a try. I had moved back to my home town and saw all my old friends. The city I left, I felt that it was time. Shortly after my return home I get a call from someone from the city I just left. He stated that when he saw me he knew I was ment for him . He said he was in love with me. I thought it was a little strange, being that he was a client of my ex. I asked him how did he get my number and he stated that my ex gave it to him. I decided to let the chips lay and give this a chance

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